EP11| Working through fear with Ashley

In this episode Ashley – Doula and Mother shares how you can work through fear to help you rock your VBAC Homebirth.

I share some of the fears I have had in my previous pregnancies and births and the fear I have been working through during this pregnancy and my first planned homebirth after 2-csections.

Here are the steps I discuss during this episode –

Step one – Explore & understand your fear – write it down in a notebook
Step two – Understand it’s okay and perfectly natural to feel fear (we all do)
Step three – If you feel you need extra support seek out a professional to help you work through fear or work through past traumas
Step four – Create a safe & comfortable birthing environment & invite-only positive and supportive into your pregnancy & birth bubble
Step five – Use tools like meditation, positive affirmations and talk to your supportive circle of support (like midwife, doula, friend).

And don’t allow negative birth stories or people into your birth bubble!

Listen to this episode to find out more about how you can work through your fear!

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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