What is freebirth? 

I’ve written a few posts on social media lately in relation to what freebirth means to me and my perspective.  

This is usually in response to seeing someone define the word freebirth, or share their view of what it means to them.  

I feel it’s important to bring light to many in the freebirth world who feel they own the word and are really passionate (as a kinder way of describing how they behave) when it comes to sharing their perspective.  

It leaves women wondering if they have freebirthed or not.   

As if you must meet “all the rules” to say you had a freebirth.  

So, let’s dive into some of the thoughts I have around the word freebirth and what it means.

Birth without a medical person present 

To put it simply there is no dictionary definition of the word freebirth.  It’s an umbrella term that puts a word to birthing without a medical person present. 

Some people believe that freebirth means intuitively birthing and owning your power and not looking to an outside authority. 

Maybe that is what freebirth is to some people.  

But to expect everyone who is birthing outside of the system to take this approach is quite frankly dangerous.  

It assumes that all women who are freebirthing are doing so as their first choice.  

It also sets a bar that you must tick all these boxes to be able to say you had or are having a freebirth.   

And if that is the case there isn’t anything really “free” about that!

You don’t have to birth alone 

  • You don’t have to birth alone to call your birth a freebirth.  
  • You can birth with a birth keeper or a doula and still call your birth a freebirth.  
  • You can seek outside of yourself for support or guidance and that is still a freebirth.  
  • You can have your mum or best friend present if that is what you feel safe doing.  
  • You can call it homebirth.  
  • There are no rules or boxes you must tick.  

The amazing thing about freebirth is that you are free to decide what happens in your birth and what you call it.   

And most importantly there is no one who can tell you what you can and can’t do!  

You are the authority, the queen bee, you are the birthing goddess, and you make the rules! 

You get to say if someone tells you what to do.  

No one who comes into your birth is the authority unless you allow them to be outside of yourself.  

No one gets to be the birth expert above you unless you want them to be.  

No one gets to define or place rules on your birth – only you do.  

Consider the roles each person present will play in your birth 

When thinking about inviting people into your birth space it’s important to consider what you want from those people, what they consider their role to be (by having a conversation with them before inviting them in).  

Because you are the boss!


To wrap up this blog – What is a Freebirth?

We covered:  

  • What is a freebirth 
  • How you can describe it 
  • That you don’t have to birth alone to call your birth a freebirth 
  • You are the birthing goddess who makes the rules! 
  • Consider the roles of the people present in your birth 

I hope that this blog really helped you understand more about what a freebirth is so you can start to explore how your birth and birth support will look.  

Want to talk more about this topic?  

I offer pregnant women support, guidance and birth knowledge and I invite you to see if one of my offerings call out to you. You can find out more about my offerings here.  

If you are unsure if one of my services is right for you, I invite you to jump onto a complimentary call with me, or send me an email and let’s have a chat!

Until next time,  

Ashley x

Ashley Winning - The Motherhood Circle
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