You may be wondering if you’re a highly sensitive person. 

As a highly sensitive person, I have been told that I’m too emotional, that I’m too sensitive, I am too judgemental or negative.  

I’ve found my sensitivity usually comes out when using my sensitivity as a way of sensing energies of people around me. (It helps me know when I’m safe or not at a higher level than those who are not HSP).  

You too may be a highly sensitive person if you have been told at times you are “too emotional” “overthink things” “care too much, or too deeply” “you are a drama queen”. 

Being a highly sensitive person is a personality trait that is thought to make up around 20% of the general population.  

HSP is the acronym for highly sensitive person.   

So let me share my take and experience of being a highly sensitive person!

​A HSP explained 

A highly sensitive person or HSP is thought to have an increased or deeper central nervous system sensitivity to physical emotional or social stimuli. 

Being a HSP comes with both advantages and challenges.  

You may find you are easily offended by people who mean no harm or who are trying their best to be kind.  

You may find at times you can overreact to daily stressors or relationship issues, particularly if you become emotionally aggressive as a response. 

The sensitivity means that you feel them so much more than other people do. 

It may be that you perceive them more easily.  

Or, you may be affected more deeply by negative experiences, which may feel like a weakness at times, because let’s face it, it hurts.   

Fun Fact: It is innate. In fact, biologists have found it in over 100 species (and probably there are many more) from fruit flies, birds, and fish to dogs, cats, horses, and primates. This trait reflects a certain type of survival strategy, being observant before acting. The brains of highly sensitive persons (HSPs) actually work a little differently than others.  

​Highly Sensitive is a Superpower 

I want to view this as a superpower.  Mostly to help me love this part of my personality and be able to accept myself for who I am.  

If you think about it though – it is a pretty cool Superpower. 

Caring too much about people, animals, and the world?  Superpower! 

Thinking too much to process something on a deeper level? Superpower! 

Deeply feel emotions?  Superpower! 

Our brains work a lot quicker to bring all that information together and process on a deeper level subconsciously.  

If you’ve ever seen Criminal Minds, you can kind of, get the gist of having how that information of human behaviour really plays a part. 

As someone who can sense other people’s feelings have strong compassion and understanding you can see this is a superpower!!  

 I feel that my superpower often gives me good insight and understanding of people on a deeper level. 

And my natural curiosity of people and their stories tie in to help me see things in a bigger picture. 

I’m not one for surface level chit chat I really love to get into the role and honest, deep conversations that I find lacking often in our society. 

And living in a world full of people with short attention spans and often focusing on service level conversations to get them through the day as highly sensitive people array important cogs in the wheel. 

You may find your superpowers show up in different ways through your highly sensitive trait. 

​Highly Sensitive People feel things deeply 

I’ve loved working with highly sensitive people over the years and being able to connect and have a deep understanding and love for who they are.  

It helps that I’m able to relate to how they feel so that they feel heard, seen and understood during those vulnerable moments.  

It is easier to be able to put myself in the shoes of others and see things from their perspective.  

Empathy and compassion often feel heavy and deep for others as well.   

As an example: 

I’ve just spent the day stressed over trying to keep a little baby bird safe in my backyard that is learning to fly.  

I’ve anxiously watched the mum and dad protect the baby from our dog (who got locked up for the day when I found her trying to get the baby) and neighbourhood pets.   

I took the baby after my dog attacked her and held her, and instantly felt guilt for taking her from her parents who I know love her dearly.  

She escaped from me – and I spent the rest of the day looking and listening out to chase off local predators and researching how to help this family.  

I deeply care and want this baby to succeed and learn to fly – and understand how it feels from a mother’s perspective.  

I also can’t watch animal documentaries – even though I know that animals need to kill to survive and for food, I burst out crying when it happens.   

And if an animal kills for fun – that haunts me!


To wrap up this blog – What is a highly sensitive person? 

We covered:  

  • What is a highly sensitive person 
  • A HSP explained 
  • Highly Sensitive is a Superpower 
  • Highly Sensitive People feel things deeply 

I hope that this blog really helped you understand more about what it is like to be a highly sensitive person.  

Want to talk more about this topic?  

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Until next time,  

Ashley x

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