I started The Motherhood Circle during a terrible unexpected postpartum.

I wanted to share my challenges, my wins and my story with other people out there who were going through the same thing as me. I wanted to empower other mothers to get support during their postpartum! 

I didn’t want other people to have to go through similar things that I did and I didn’t want them to feel alone.
I was amazed at how little support I received and how little regard of empathy I received during one of the most vulnerable times in my life.

I was hurting badly. I was sleep deprived, I was healing from a very traumatic birth physically and emotionally.
I was questing my choice to have a second baby so close to my first and I thought at the time I had made a terrible mistake.

I resented my daughter and the time she took from me. I couldn’t go anywhere without her. I was her sole keeper.

My husband would fret if I left the house without her as she would just scream and cry and yet all I needed was time away from her, to think, breathe and be me.

A picture below of our gorgeous second daughter – Annabelle. 


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I just needed some gentle reassurance and love from someone who understood the place I was in. I needed someone to listen to me without judgement and to hold me tight as I sobbed.

I needed to hear that this time doesn’t last forever. That my bloodied boobs would heal, that the breastfeeding would get easier and that I would soon get time to myself.

I set out to share my truth with the world of how hard motherhood was for me at that time. I wanted to shout out to tell those around me that they weren’t helping me – most of the time they were just silencing me.

I wasn’t allowed space to really feel in my situation, I felt like I had to put on a happy face and just get on with it and suck it up.
So I cried alone in my room. I cried on the inside… and I could hear myself screaming from inside almost clawing to get out of my own skin to escape.

I was miserable, depressed and barely surviving.


What I would have liked to have seen or been given was empathy, kindness and compassion from those who were around me…especially health care and medical professionals. 

I felt like I was supposed to have been healed magically overnight somehow… so I pushed through postpartum and got on with things.

I wasn’t looking after myself and I didn’t feel like I needed to. I felt like I just needed to get on with it and keep pushing forward.

To those on the outside, I was the “lucky” one coz I actually had a husband who did something. He changed nappies, cooked meals and cleaned – as well as looking after our older child.

But he needed help too… he needed support… he was exhausted as well… we were both exhausted…


Most of all I feel angry that I live in a world that doesn’t support mothers. That makes mothers feel they have to be alone, “get on with it” and be silenced.

That our mothers before us don’t remember how hard raising a new baby is, that they are hardened by this world and spread the message that we must get “on with it”.

I am angry that women accept this… that they don’t fight for more…

I know many do…I know many women out there know there is a different way. We just need to create for ourselves. I refuse to accept the bare minimum of what is…

Here is a picture of me in the hospital a day or so after our second baby was born.  I was exhausted, traumatised and felt neglected and unheard by the hospital staff —>> 

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I refuse to go through another Postpartum with nothing…It’s why I’ve studied and spent the last two years learning how I can have a Peaceful Postpartum with my next baby (yes after all that there WILL be another baby) – that’s how hopeful + determined I am!!!

If you want to have a Peaceful Postpartum with me – get my free Postpartum Planner here and start planning and being intentional about your Postpartum.

It’s time to sit down and think about the postpartum you want… Without setting intentions and plans and making this sacred time a priority you are leaving your Postpartum to chance. 


                                                               Download your free Postpartum Plan now! 





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