You may be feeling overwhelmed, alone and isolated through this journey.


Feeling misunderstood or questioning your choices to freebirth.


The fears are popping up from time to time and you wonder whether this is the right thing.


But you know that you are safest birthing at home where you know you will feel safe & calm.


You trust your ability to birth, you trust birth and you trust your baby – but you wish you had someone you could talk to when you start to panic. 


Someone you know understands you and your journey.


I have heard your call and I am here to support you in this journey.  


This will give you an idea of how we can work together and how you will be supported in your journey. 


My biggest desire is that you feel support, heard and understood in this journey and that you have the belief and confidence to birth the way your heart desires – surrounded by support. 




60- Minute Clarity & Confidence Intensive Sessions

There are times in our birth journey when we need a little extra support to work through a challenge or obstacle, and a plan to move forward clearly and confidently.  

The Clarity and Confidence Intensive is perfect for this. 

This intensive is always tailored to you but common things we can cover in a session is:

  • Your mindset (working through fears & believing in yourself)
  • Planning your homebirth (birth knowledge, birth environment & birth support)
  • Preparing yourself before pregnancy for a future birth – to understand if freebirth/ homebirth is a good choice for you.
  • Unpack old birth beliefs and fill in birth knowledge gaps
  • Birth debrief – we can go over your previous births and discuss ways to move forward with your next in a way you feel comfortable & safe doing
  • Connection – being connected to someone who has walked the path of freebirth and understands those struggles.  I will hold space for you in our time together so you can be heard, seen and validated

What does this 1-on-1 VIP  offer include for only $149.00 AUD? 

  • A pre-coaching questionnaire to gather your thoughts & challenges so we can focus on what is most important to you
  • A 60 minute 1:1 coaching session where we dive into gaining clarity, insight, strategies, and an action plan so you feel confident
  • 1 week of follow-up support via email to give you continued access to me, your mentor, so you never feel alone in this.  

Plus an awesome bonus if you later decide to move into my signature Pregnancy & Birth Program. 

 Pregnancy & Birth
VIP Program

You have the vision; your dream homebirth, birthing your baby on your terms with confidence & belief in your ability to intuitively birth your baby! 

You’re craving connection, support from someone who’s been there and are committed to your mindset, expanding your confidence, birth knowledge & holding space for you to work through fears & wobbles you know will pop up from time to time. 

Working together privately we will tap into my unique blend of coaching and mentoring along with my signature framework of Mindset & Birth knowledge, so you feel supported & trust in your ability to birth your baby intuitively. 

My VIP Program is created with you to suit your own personal needs & budget.

An example of a package:

4 – Months Guidance & Support

  • 8 x 60 Minute fortnightly sessions
  • With weekly regular check- in’s to make sure you feel supported.
  • Ongoing support through the Voxer App (audio & text support)

So you feel heard, seen, validated & supported through this sacred journey. 

I am now booking clients, so if you’re wanting support, and the coaching to build your confidence & birth mindset.

Book your call so we can dive deep immediately into your dream birth plan & set you up for that dream freebirth! 




Homebirth: How to get the emotional & mindset support you need in pregnancy.

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