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Hi, I’m Ashley! I am a wife and a mama to two beautiful little girls. Motherhood has completely changed my life and I absolutely love it!

I created The Motherhood Circle to provide mums with a nurturing, safe environment to talk with other mums about their fears and struggles and to learn and share with each other evidence-based information. The goal of this community is not to tell you how to parent, but to empower you to be the best mama you can be!

I wanted to empower new mothers who wanted to overcome exhaustion, overwhelm and sleep deprivation, so I trained with Julia Jones from Newborn Mothers to become a Postpartum Professional (Doula).  I am so blessed to be able to support newborn mothers during one of the most vulnerable times during a mothers journey. 

When I first became a mama, I thought I had to be perfect. I tried to follow the examples I saw on blogs, in magazines and on TV. I finally realized that the best mum is not perfect, but a mama who loves herself and her child and does what she knows is best for her family.

My house is often messy—dishes on the bench, clothes to be folded. I’m frazzled from late nights with teething babies, breastfeeding and toddler tantrums. But I know I am a good mama. You are too and you don’t have to experience this exciting, crazy, and messy journey alone! I hope The Motherhood Circle inspires you to be confident in your parenting choices, to trust your intuition and to find the way to parent that best suits you and your baby’s needs.

Welcome to The Motherhood Circle!

Ashley xo


Fun Facts about Me:


  • I love random family road trips. We often hop in the car with no idea where we’re headed only to end up at the beach or a farm in New South Wales! Someday I’d like to go inland at night and just watch the stars!
  • I love singing and music, especially soul.
  • I love travelling and someday I hope to travel the world. So far I’ve been to Vanuatu, Bali, France and England!
  • As a mum, I don’t have a lot of time to myself. But for sanity, I try to practice guided meditation and mindfulness daily.

# of years as a Mum

# of days I try to meditate each week

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of time I love being a Mother


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