About Me

​Hey, I’m Ashley!

I am a fun-loving mother of three amazing girls & a fur baby named Layla.

I went into motherhood handing over my power to other people to make choices for me. (Doctor’s, midwives, health care works).

I didn’t know I was doing that at the time. I just thought that’s what I was supposed to do – listen and follow instructions.

But it didn’t feel right inside. I felt alone, abandoned and intimidated.

The journey into motherhood didn’t feel exciting and safe, full of love and support like I thought it would feel like.

After an induction that failed, I ended in a cesarean section. The type of birth I thought would never happen to me.

Something I communicated throughout my pregnancy I DID NOT want to happen.

Breastfeeding challenges, feeling ashamed and like a failure, for not birthing vaginally, topping up with formula at only six weeks with my baby I went into motherhood feeling disempowered and like I failed my precious baby.

In that time I’ve researched the shit out of motherhood. I’ve had my head down in powerful books, I’ve watched too many videos to share & connected in with some powerful, strong women who believe in women’s ability to birth and mother the way that feels right for them.

Motherhood isn’t supposed to be standardised and delivered to you through a cookie-cutter approach the way our health system has been set up.

Health care professionals are overworked and understaffed. They are not trained to be free thinkers. They are trained to follow a general protocol that all women should be treated the same based on different factors.

I wanted and needed more than what the system can provide women. I wanted more than what our culture is set up to provide new mothers and babies.

So I created a space where women can create their own motherhood journey. To be the woman and mother that you know you want and need to be.


To find your power to birth on your terms and connect your baby in a special, unique way. To do this you need support, information, resources and a safe space to openly talk without fear of rejection or being shut down.

Here I am. I am yours. I am here to hold your hand and listen to you in your time of need. And together in our circle of mothers, you will find your strength to become who you want to be & walk your own unique path.


Welcome to The Motherhood Circle!

Ashley xo


Fun Facts about Me:


  • I love random family road trips. We often hop in the car with no idea where we’re headed only to end up at the beach or a farm in New South Wales!
  • I birthed our third baby at home vaginally after two cesarean sections & a special scar & my baby was a 10 pounder (with no tearing!!).
  • I love singing and music! I always have something playing in the background
  • I love travelling and someday I plan to explore the world. So far I’ve been to Vanuatu, Bali, France and England!
  • One day in the not too distant future I will be an inspirational/ motivational speak and publish my own book – I want to change women’s live in the masses!


# of years as a Mum

# of days a week I check in with another mum

# of days a week I drink coffee

# of years I've breastfed


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