A story of a pregnant woman

I want to tell you of a story of a pregnant woman who may or may not be me 🤫

Once upon a time, there was a first-time pregnant woman who was so excited to bring her baby into this world.

She expected that once the baby was born she would have to fend off family and friends who would smother her and her baby.

There was so much excitement

There was so much excitement and interest while the woman was pregnant.

And she even heard from friends from her past who were excited she was pregnant.

There were lots of hospital and Dr appointments and chatter about baby names and clothes.

The pregnant woman felt like she was prepared for life with a baby.

She had the pram, the cot, the bassinet, cute clothes, she threw herself a baby shower and couldn’t wait till her babe was born.

She assumed breastfeeding would be a sinch as her mother didn’t seem to have troubles.

She also thought she would have a fairly straight forward vaginal birth.

Then as she followed her Dr’s instructions like a good girl she found herself being induced.

She was so excited she would meet her baby two weeks early and couldn’t wait.

She was sick of being pregnant.

One other mother told her induction only took 3 hours before her baby was born.

But for this young and excited mum, the induction didn’t work and the mother found herself having a cesarean section she thought she would never have in a million years.

She felt terrible and ashamed of how she birthed her baby.

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The new mum felt like a failure

She felt like a failure.

To make matters worse breastfeeding was really painful and she and her baby were struggling.

When she finally arrived home from the hospital she was a mess.

Recovering from major surgery her husband had planned a week off work 5 days were spent in the hospital so he was back at work 2 days after being home.

She found herself alone every day.

Isolated from everyone in her life and alone in this new world called Motherhood.

Everyone was busy living their own lives

There were no visitors and the excitement of her baby wore off as soon as the gender was revealed and the photo’s shared.

The family and friends she expected would be desperate to see her baby did not arrive and she grew sad, angry & resentful.

Of course, she was so happy and excited to be with her baby.

But eventually, her baby became her obsession and entire focus.

Because day in and day out all this new mother had was her baby.

Not able to drive for six weeks she was homebound

Unable to drive for 6 weeks she only saw the four walls in her home.

With no friends to confide in as her friends had older children or none at all.

She wondered if she was doing a good job as she had no one to guide her, no real support. 

No one to reassure her or help her lift her spirits.

She became defensive and closed off.

Unwilling to allow anyone in as the world had once again shown her the only person she could rely on to survive was herself.

It wasn’t until the woman had her second baby and suffered terrible birth trauma.

She struggled emotionally

She struggled emotionally much more than her first.

And she started to grow in rage in her belief that this world was failing new mothers.

She realised that our society doesn’t support new mothers the way that it should.

She became determined to create a better future for new mothers so that they could have everything that she wished she had with her first two babies.

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This woman was me, don’t let it be you

I’m sure you have guessed that woman was me.

Yes, along with many new mothers I felt desperately alone and vulnerable in need or love, support & guidance.

This is why I am so passionate about providing emotional support & guidance to new mothers.

If you know my story all a little too well then you may be wishing you could be part of something bigger.

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A safe community of mothers who will hear and see you.

You may wish you could connect with a non-judgemental person who will hold space for you as you share your journey.

The gorgeous mothers in my circle are so grateful for the space we have created together.

Because it is a space they can be honest, raw, true and share the real-life shit that is happening from day to day in their real lives.

I once had a mum tell me she loved our community because it was so different from playgroup.

Where all the focus was on the baby.

Leaving now deep and meaningful conversations about how mum was doing.

Discover your mother tribe

I’d like to offer you a chance to connect with me and see if I can support you through your motherhood journey.

Because you deserve support, nurturing and guidance during this time.

I offer one-to-one mentoring, one-off chats and limited spaces are available in our online community.

Whether you are pregnant and planning your first or third baby or thinking about your next birth I am here for you!

Book in a complimentary discovery call with me ❤

book a time to chat with me here

Until next time!

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