Finding a gift for a new dad can be a little stressful – Let’s unpack 3 – meaningful gift ideas for a new dad for fathers day!

If this is your partners first fathers day this year then you may be feeling a bit of pressure to get the “perfect” fathers day gift!

Or maybe your partner didn’t pull through for your first mothers day and you are not worried about getting him anything special at all hahaha!

If you are here I’m sure deep down you want to get him something special!

I always struggle to think of meaningful gifts that suit the budget and it often sends me into overwhelm and worry trying to find the perfect gift.

First of all, this gift doesn’t need to be perfect – just thoughtful and meaningful to the dad!

You can never go wrong with photos!

One of my favourites gifts to give family members when I have new babies.

One I’ve found loved ones to squabble over are photos of the kids!

You can get some images of your baby and their Dad together and put it into a frame so that it can be hung up on the wall or taken to work!

You can also get photo’s printed on all sorts of things like a canvas, mug, pillow, t-shirt or pillow! The sky is the limit!

Videos are so much fun

With modern day technology it makes it so easy to record and collect many, many videos!

No doubt your phone is filled with photos and videos of your little one and even their dad. 

Why not put the videos together and make a bit of a home movie! 

You can use iMovie if you have an apple phone or purchase something like Filmora to create something on your desktop!

Include funny icons, emojis and titles to make it more interesting (and don’t forget the music!)



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Baby to make a card from love

Even if your baby is a tiny newborn they can still have fun making daddy a card…

Cough cough (you will be doing it all) but it will DEFINITELY be from baby! Haha..

If your baby is a little older and sitting in a high chair you can use something like edible paint.

Here is a recipe you can try! 

Another idea is use some plain yoghurt and mix in some food colouring!!  (my fav kind of “paint).

And if all else fails you can always create a card with photos with something like Vista Print, Moon Pig Australia or Zazzle!

Regardless of what you get him, I’m sure Dad will just enjoy some food and company with his family, and making precious memories.

Enjoy the day and let me know what you have planned or get up to!



Ashley Winning - The Motherhood Circle
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