In this episode, I sit down for a good old chit-chat with the amazing Kemi Johnson. 

I’ve snuck a hold of Kemi’s Instagram bio to share a brief introduction in Kemi and what she stands for. 

Queen/Empress 👑💥🌟
Mother, Birthkeeper, Birth Activist, Birth Nerd, Speaker, Teacher
TOTALLY OBSESSED with families having healthy and ecstatic births

I recently heard Kemi on The Midwives Cauldron Podcast and I had to reach out to her, I felt we were kindred spirits passionate about supporting women in similar ways – so we had an informal interview and chat all things VBAC homebirth + birth.

Kemi was a registered Midwife in England who worked privately supporting women and eventually decided after dealing with insurance issues and other challenges that she would unregister and support women and families as a birth keeper. 

We chat about that process and what Kemi now does and how she supports families as a birth keeper. 

This is a really great episode with two passionate birth lovers talking about what we love – all things birth. 

Listen to this episode now!!

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