EP9| Emma – A two day water hind leak and FER HBAC Waterbirth

In this episode, we meet Emma who’s oldest son was born in the UK via emergency c-section at 42+1 after a failed induction. 

As a plus-size Mumma Emma decided to hire a private midwife for her second birth here in Australia. 

Planning a home birth because she had always wanted a home birth, but also to give herself the best chance at achieving a VBAC.

She didn’t want to have to fight the system during her pregnancy and especially during labour.  

She needed to be supported by someone who believed in her and believed in a women’s ability to birth their babies.  

Emma found the perfect midwife to support her through her journey!

Emma’s daughter was born at home in January last year.

She had a hind water leak 2 days before she was born and spent quite a bit of time walking and doing all she could to get the labour to fully start. 

Using spinning babies techniques to keep it all moving along, as well as the midwife doing rebozo, rest and walking to get her labour going.  

After labouring for most of the day and hitting transition after a phone call from the OB at the hospital asking her to come in she had told my midwife it was all too hard and she needed to go in for an epidural because she couldn’t go on much longer. 

The midwife just smiled at me and said they weren’t going anywhere, this was exactly where she needed to be and Elodie the baby would be born soon. 

Not long after, Emma experienced her first foetal ejection reflex, and after another, she got into the pool. After a few more contractions and FER, she flew out into the water and Emma was only just able to catch her! 

Listen to this episode to find out more about Emma’s supported homebirth where she had a conversation during birth to an OB to try and cancel an appointment at the hospital!

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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