Bringing Home Baby Number Three

My husband and I were always on the fence about whether we actually wanted a third child. In fact, during my second pregnancy, we were adamant we were done. Two was sensible. Two was manageable. Two was perfect. Then number two arrived and I couldn’t shake...

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Movement for Mothers

Movement for Mothers We all know the profound health & wellbeing benefits of exercise. I don’t need to sit over here telling you that you need to make movement a priority.  Nor am I here to tell you how to lose baby weight, or fix your ‘mummy tummy’. I...

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Preparing Bulk Nutritious Whole Food Freezer Meals

Cooking is a huge part of mothering. When mothers don’t feel empowered in the kitchen it can put a strain on the quality of how we feel in our spirit and how we show up as nurturers at home. While mothering my children aged 10, 7 and 4, I have cooked...

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Aftershock – The Truth About Becoming a Mum

You have been pregnant for roughly 9 months (8 months in my case), you go through childbirth (be it natural or C-section, drug-free or knocked out) and then you end up with a baby that you are now completely responsible for - You are a Mum. A helpless little human...

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Sleep Isn’t Something All Babies Do

Sleep Isn’t Something All Babies Do When I was pregnant, I would hear mixed things from other mummas about sleep. Some would tell me that they had their little sleeping through immediately (aka around the twelve-week mark) and others I knew that their little didn’t...

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