Looking for some unique gift ideas for babies?

Both of my children are born in December just a few weeks before Christmas.

As you can imagine it gets a bit crazy with an influx of toys and presents around this time of year – which is why I thought it’d be cool to share my top 5 unique gift ideas for babies at Christmas. 

With a double batch of birthdays and then Christmas present from us and, also our extended family and then there is Santa!  I will admit when our oldest daughter was born we rushed out at Christmas to be sure she had some “Christmas presents” in time for Christmas.

We had a gender surprise so we couldn’t pre-purchase our gifts so I hobbled around the shops after a c-section with a trapped sciatic nerve cursing my husband who was determined to fill her room with toys and décor. 

That room by the way she didn’t go into until she was 7 months old – so yes we had PLENTY of time to rush out and buy room décor!!

But we got caught up in the fuss of Christmas – and wanted to spoil our newborn baby – who by the way couldn’t even see past my face most of the time, let along be able to unwrap her presents or even know what the hell they were!

I am having a good old giggle now as I write this – because really the whole thing seems silly.

Of course, we just spent thousands of dollars preparing our lives for her birth and purchasing clothes, new furniture and all the fandangle items that you “need” for a new baby.  Our bank balance could have really done with a break!

So now we have two children and our home is filled to the rims with “stuff” I am taking a more minimalistic approach and have come up with some more meaningful gift ideas for your baby this Christmas!

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1. Gift for a sick child in the hospital

Make one of your babies gifts a gift for a sick child in Hospital.  I always think it’s important to give back to our community and this could be the start of a family tradition, one whereas your child grows they can pick out the toys themselves and understand the importance of giving.

There are plenty of wonderful organisations out there where you could donate, so if donating toys is not your thing and you would rather send money check out some of these charities – 


2. Presence not Presents

This is one I like to preach a lot and it could be seen in a few different ways. 

Mindfully be present

I think of being fully present with our little ones whenever we are around them and connecting with them.  Not thinking about bills or the shopping or work – just connecting deeply with them and being mindful and present in our bodies.

You can practice this by:

  • Reading about mindfulness and meditation 
  • Meditating 
  • Being calm and still in nature
  • Being aware of your thoughts and paying attention to what is happening around you not what is happening in your head

Being physically present

The other idea of being present is really having family and friends present in our lives.  Often families become busy and spend so much time prioritising other things that the only time they see each other is at birthday parties and seasonal gatherings.

I think this is really sad and feel we can all make improvements in our relationships with our families.  Of course, if there is dysfunction and it doesn’t serve you or your family – this one isn’t for you. 

But if you have been too busy to see your grandbaby or take time out with your family.  This is a really great time to make intentions and plans to spend more time together during 2019.

Life is short and we should be spending more time with our villages to strengthen that bond and community.

3. Handmade Items

I absolutely love handmade items.  Prob more so because I have always been intrigued by knitting and crochet.  I wish I could do both. 

Whenever I receive a handmade item, especially as a gift it just lights me up so much and I really cherish the effort and love that has gone into that item.  I also love the idea of supporting a small local business or another mother!

Some items you can purchase for a new baby-

  • Doll
  • Blanket
  • Toys – like wooden toys!
  • Clothes
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4. Old School Photo Album

I love going through my old photo albums of when I was a baby and looking back at the memories of my childhood.  The smiling photos and comparing myself to my children at similar ages!

This would take a little bit of time to make but I think it’s well worth the effort and attention to print out photo’s and tape them down or slot them into the ready-made pages.  Just be sure that you write down the dates and any special things to remember. 

Why not use our Baby Milestone Cards to take photos of your little one now to save you half the trouble remembering dates!

These will be great to bring out for 16, 18 and 21st birthday parties as well as engagement and wedding days and of course when your little ones announce they are having a baby of their own!!  

Why use this and not just pop it all in a digital file?  
Oh gosh – how many photos and videos do you already have stocks and chucked into an online file?  I have four years worth of media files which are thousands and thousands of images.  I doubt anyone will have time or patience to sit through all of those files. 

Plus, having something to hold at least, in my opinion, means so much more – I love to be able to hold something and touch it!

5. Time with your Significant other

Now this one you might be thinking – gee that’s not such a great gift for our little one, but hear me out!

It’s very common for new parents to stop spending quality relationship time together AWAY from the baby and it’s super important to have adult time – where you can reconnect and not be interrupted.

You might be thinking yeah but we “our” time when the baby is sleeping and we watch TV at night – WRONG!  You need to actually go out on a date night together.  Plan it, schedule it and make it happen.  Reconnect and enjoy each others company as just lovers – not as parents.

I heard someone once say and I don’t remember who it was but I remember it to feel so wise to me.  One day your children will grow up and leave the nest and you will be left with just each other. Why not spend time loving and nurturing that relationship now!

So book the grandparents into babysitting or Aunty/ Uncle or even a trusted babysitter – and get out an have some fun!!  Your baby will definitely benefit from having two loved-up parents! That is a beautiful gift worth giving! 

Looking for support on your Motherhood Journey?

Feeling like you would like the gift of support and community? You can find the support, guidance and reassurance you deserve by joining our online Divine Motherhood Retreat – I would love to support you on your journey of Motherhood.


Ashley xo






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